Third Trimester

Third Trimester

Oh how I was dreading you

  • Your swollen ankles
  • Lack of sleep/comfort
  • Needing to wee more and more
  • And the fact you last about 10 years


Maternity leave

All of the above plus a 2 year old was giving me no feels! The only plus that was giving me some positive feels (obviously other than meeting my baby) was the fact that maternity leave happens in the third trimester. And honestly that was something I was counting down the hours to. Its not that I was particularly pushing myself work wise up until then. I had gone back 3 days since having Ottilie, 2 office based and 1 from home. So it was actually a really nice balance. It was more that I am still absolutely awful at having time away from Ottilie. She is fine, doesn’t even blink at drop offs. Its me that still tears up every time I leave her.

So for me the most exciting part of maternity leave wasn’t necessarily not working. It was more not having to leave Ottilie to go to work. I had some holiday which I needed to take prior to maternity leave so I decided to go off 4 weeks before my due date. This was using 3 weeks holiday and then starting Mat leave officially from 1 week before my due date.

People have second, third, fourth etc children all the time so I know having 2 is really not a big deal. I am actually excited for the challenge and to see how it all goes. But having 3 ish weeks just with my girl mostly uninterrupted has been and is amazing. I feel like I am catching up for some serious lost time. We have done all sorts of “naughty” things like stay in our PJS till lunchtime, eat breakfast and lunch in bed. Binge peppa pig and have 3 hour long daytime naps together. When I was working I felt like I had to fill every spare moment we had together with some sort of organised activity, now we have spare time its nice to have the pressure taken off!



Preparing for the baby

I have definitely felt less prepared with baby number 2. I think it could be a touch of complacency on my part. We have the basics such as pushchair, car seat, cot etc so I guess I haven’t been as on the ball with the smaller needs. With Ottilie I had the luxury of time to spend hours researching and buying pretty things for her. I also think I bought a lot of bits for her which I never used and know I wont need this time.

So I guess I am less fussed about buying a million things I probably wont use. If you read my previous posts you will have seen I did manage to finally pack my hospital bag and the babies. This was a big weight off as I was starting to get nightmares whilst out of going into early labour and knowing I wouldn’t have a single thing ready that I needed.

This time I am having a planned C-Section so it has been a lot easier to plan certain aspects. We have been given a rough date which can change by a day or 2.  Ottilie is booked in with my mum whilst I am in hospital and Charlie will be staying with her in the evenings. Sadly he wont be allowed to stay at hospital. Sorting childcare is definitely a pro to the planned section. I’d be an anxious mess waiting to go into labour knowing I would have to ship Ottilie off at any minute.

I am definitely more nervous this time round as I will be consciously walking into hospital to be cut open… Thanks to an amazing recommendation I have been listening to the ‘Hypnobirthing to prepare for a caesarean’ by Maggie Howell. Which has been amazing. I would highly recommend for anyone going in for a C-Section to listen to. I do tend to fall asleep to it. So I need to make sure I listen to it more in the daytime during the build up.



My final cravings

  1. lemon and lime still water – it has honestly cured every bad spout of heartburn iv had. I keep a bottle by my bed and sip it during the evening and night. It does wonders!
  2. Tango ice blasts from the cinema – the first hit of craving I had for this I had to send Charlie late in the evening as I genuinely though I was going to be sick if I didn’t have one asap.
  3. Passion fruits – I honestly ate 5 in one sitting the other day. The baby was loving them and I couldn’t get enough. I would say my final few weeks of the 3rd trimester have been the healthiest as the baby has just wanted tons of fresh fruit!


 Third trimester products I cannot live without


  1. MAMA MIOThe tummy rub butter. I had this with Ottilie towards the end after getting fed up with Bio Oil not helping. Its a thick cream which tends to not only reduce the stretch marks it also massively helps with the itching that can come in the third trimester.  I tend to put a large amount on at night all over the belly. Then put an old T shirt on top to help it sink in.
  2. Beyond NineDot Tie shoulder Jumpsuit. I bought this at the beginning of my pregnancy and I have used it for every trimester but its honestly come into its own in the third. It is the perfect shape to make you feel comfortable and supported. The material is thick enough that it holds your bump in a nice position. And the ties mean you can adjust the shoulder straps as you get bigger/boobs expand etc. But most of all it is THE most comfortable item of clothing if you are pregnant and worth every single penny.
  3. Pregnancy Pillow BBHugMe.  I had a cheap pregnancy pillow with Ottilie but decided to ‘invest’ In a better one. Its definitely been worth it! I tend to use it mostly to put between my legs when I sleep. Its also good for hugging in the night (Sorry Charlie!!) but it keeps me on my side when I naturally tend to fall on to my back.


I am now in my final week of pregnancy, the swollen ankles have arrived, along with sausage fingers. I have to push myself off furniture to stand up and I wee more than I ever thought possible. But I am doing my best to ’embrace’ these last days and nights of kicks and wriggles. I am not sure if this will be my last pregnancy but if it is, I can honestly say I have loved it.

I can’t wait for the chaos to begin, the nights of looking at Charlie and thinking WTF have we done. Equally I cant wait for the days of enjoying 2 children in our home making us prouder by the day. We are ready for you little boy!

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  • I felt the same way about pregnancy. I was sick during the first trimester, I could handle the second one, but by the third trimester I was so exhausted and uncomfortable. I just didn”t like those two trimesters. Then add on being 10 days overdueI thought my pms was bad.. no I was so grumpy!

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