Whats in my hospital bag – C Section

Whats in my hospital bag – C Section

I have finally gotten round to organising myself enough to plan and pack my hospital bag.  I found it much easier this time round as I know il be having a  C-Section. It has been easier to plan the outfits and underwear that I will need.

Last time I was planning for a natural birth so when I then went in for an emergency C-Section It soon became clear my hospital bag was packed full of items I couldn’t wear.  I remember my sister – who predicted the section was going to happen turning up to hospital the morning after with a Primark bag full of over sized high-waisted black knickers and some large pj bottoms.  All the bits I had packed were under bump so naturally sat in the exact wrong place for the scar. I have since recommended to friends going in for a natural birth to pack some high waist anyway as they are a lot more comfortable on the post baby belly regardless of the scar.

List of whats in my C-section Hospital bag 


♥ Hospital notes

♥ Pillow

♥ 2x Nighty

♥ Dressing gown

♥ Black high waist underwear

♥ 2x Nursing bras

♥ Going home outfit

♥ Sanitary pads/Breast pads

♥ Towel

♥ Toothbrush and paste

♥ Body wash

♥ Face moisturizer

♥ lip balm

♥ Make-up

♥ Hair brush

♥ Hair bands

♥ Dry Shampoo

♥ Phone charger

♥ Water bottle

♥ Flip flops

♥ Arnica/rescue remedy

♥ Snacks

♥ Kindle



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Packing the bag

The best comfort for me during my birth experience last time was my pillow from home. It was a last minute decision to bring it and I am so glad I did. Not only did it keep me calm and remind me of home but it was also so much comfier than anything they give you. I have just put an old case on mine as I know it wont look like that when it comes home. I have also used a spare pillow and not one we usually have on our bed.

Another essential is a dark towel – I was able to shower the day I went home with Ottilie and it was actually such a big part of me feeling better. Being clean and in fresh clothes can lift your mood. We were also discharged quite late in the evening so I was pleased to go home clean so I could get straight into bed. No matter how much you scrub there is still going to be blood etc so a dark towel is a good idea.

I haven’t packed snacks yet as I want to wait and see what I fancy closer to the time. At the moment I switch between craving passion fruits and chocolate so I really don’t want to predict what I will be fancying in a few weeks time. I found the toddler fruit pouches amazing when I had Ottilie. I bought the fresh flavours like mango and strawberry and they were great at giving me a boost and making me feel good whilst giving me the sugar I needed.


What do I need specially for the C-Section?

The main difference (I think) about the C-section bag versus the natural labour bag would be the high-waisted knickers. These are a key to comfort after your C-section as the scar sits just where majority of clothes and underwear tends to. Even 2 years after having Ottilie I still find it uncomfortable to wear underwear that sits on the scar.

 I have stuck with what worked for me last time which is the high-waisted “full briefs” from Primark. I went for 2 sizes bigger than I usually would. They fit me now with my 36 week bump so they are definitely going to fit post surgery and be nice and loose. I also bought my “going home outfit” which consists of track suit bottoms and a top in a size that fits me now heavily pregnant as its guaranteed to fit after the baby. Again you just want something loose and comfortable to wear in the hospital and at home for the first few days.



I found Primark to be the most useful for getting the majority of the bits and pieces for my hospital bag. Their stuff is so reasonable that it doesn’t matter if they are only going to be used a few times or covered in gross things. You can just chuck them. I also found Primark to be very useful for the toiletries and I ended up getting almost all of it there.

They sell a really good Nivea travel pack which has face wipes, deodorant, moisturizer, body wash and lip balm. All of which are must’s for labour or C sections.  I also picked up a small hairbrush, dry shampoo, hand sanitizer and a mini toothpaste from Primark which pretty much completed my toiletries for hospital.  Plus some hairbands and hair clips which are so useful for keeping your hair out your face and making the greasy mop look semi respectable.

I also have a travel rechargeable toothbrush to bring with which I hope will help combat the awful dry mouth that the hospital tends to give you.

Much to many peoples judgment I have packed my make-up. I’m fully aware that I am giving birth and shouldn’t care about the way I look. But I do, and thats ok. With Ottilie I had a full face of make-up on. And although by the time I actually had her and the first photos it had been on a good few hours. Having it on made me feel so much better and I really like the fact I am wearing it in the photos. I felt rough enough so having some mascara and colour on my cheeks definitely improved things.  Charlie bought me a fresh set of make-up for valentines day so I decided to use my almost run out bits for the hospital bag along with some testers.

Last but no means least, sanitary pads! These are the most essential part of your toiletries. I got the biggest, heaviest flow ones I could. Although C-Sections tend to hoover up most of the blood after the op (it really does feel like they are hoovering in your belly) You do still bleed a fair amount. Therefore these are very important. I also packed breast pads – I didn’t need these last time, and I might not need these this time. But they take up so little room It really doesn’t matter.


Clothing and Shoes

Even though nursing wasn’t possible with Ottilie I am determined to try again and make it work as much as I can so I have packed 2 nursing bras. The pink frilled one is from H&M and does up at the back like a normal bra. It is by far the comfiest I have found and feels very much like a normal bra in terms of how it looks under clothes etc. The grey bra is a “sleeping” nursing bra from Mothercare. Also incredibly comfortable and has a nice roomy bit at the front to accommodate the bump whilst pregnant. It goes over the head like a sports bra which Im not sure if it will be easier than the one that does up at the back or not?

I have packed 2 nighties which are necessary for post C-Section as you will have a catheter in so it’s the easiest clothing to wear to make sure everything can work as it needs to. I bought one grey and white striped long sleeved one from La Redoute. The best bit of this nightie is that its nursing friendly. It also has the benefit of being long-sleeved so if the ward gets cold its a good layer to have. The second nightie I have packed is just an oversized sleep t-shirt from Primark which I bought in their biggest size for optimum comfort. It’s not breastfeeding friendly unfortunately but it will be good as a back up.

Lastly I packed my dressing gown. I didn’t use mine much when I had Ottilie but it is incredibly useful when you need to get up and walk about and you have a gown on which doesn’t cover the back of you at all. Save a bit of dignity where you can.

With my first birth I took slippers into hospital which I found to be really annoying especially when I went to shower and they got all soggy! This time I bought some flip-flops for 90p from Primark to wear on the ward, to wee and shower in etc. I think il just chuck them after but hopefully they will be more practical.



I have packed a phone charger, earphones and a charger for my Kindle, plus my kindle. I didn’t bring a Kindle or anything similar with Ottilie. However loads of people have recommended it so I will give it a go. I have downloaded my C-seciton hypnobirthing on to it and some books. Plus it has my spotify so Im sure Il make use of it somehow. Hopefully to calm my nerves prior to the surgery.

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