Whats in my babies hospital bag

Whats in my babies hospital bag

I have read so many useful blog posts on whats in my babies hospital bag so I thought I would share my own…

With Ottilie I was so prepared and organised months before she arrived. I guess I had a lot more time to be. I was also able to get on with it without my unhelpful helper who I have this time, AKA Ottilie. She loves to un pack anything I pack and has claimed my hospital bag as her own. Filling it with balls, toys and her socks?!

I spent ages trying to find the right hospital bag for the baby. With Ottilie I definitely went for “style” over substance which I quickly learnt my lesson from. The zip broke before we even got to hospital. This was mainly down to the fact I had stuffed it full as it just wasn’t big enough for everything we needed.

My mum mentioned Cath Kidstone had a good sale, and even though I am usually not keen on their style she mentioned they had a couple of leopard looking ones. So I was sold.

I managed to get a really good sized weekend bag which is meant for babies so comes with a change matt and other good removable inserts to put bits like creams, wipes, nappies in etc. It will also be perfect for when we stay overnight with the baby or go away.

Hospital bag list

♥ Comforter/First Teddy

♥  5x sleepsuits

♥ 5x vests

♥ Cardigan

♥ Blanket

♥ 1 Pack of Newborn Nappies

♥ Waterwipes

♥ Nappy cream

♥ 5x hats

♥ 5x muslins

♥ Jacket for going home in


Whats in the bag

Some of you may be thinking 5 of each item is a bit extreme however with Ottilie we had a couple of issues.

A) all 3 of the baby grows we took to hospital with us were too big so she looked like a drowned rat until some newborn ones were bought.

B) she went through 2 in the first couple of hours and due to the C section I still had  a good 48 hours left in hospital. So this time I would rather have too many than not enough.

Currently the boy is measuring exactly how Ottilie was so I am expecting a similar weight, therefore we have packed newborn sleep suits. 1 from Kissy Kissy which is renowned for coming up small, 3 from Tesco baby as these fitted Ottilie really well. 1 from Jojo maman bebe. All 3 companies make their newborn sleep suits in a totally different size so I am sure at least 2 of them will fit.. fingers crossed!

I have packed 5 long sleeved vests, as he will be born in March it is still quite chilly and I find the hospital wards can be quite draughty and cold in the evenings so I would rather his fresh little body was nicely wrapped up. For newborns I swear by the wrap around vests that do up at the front. I was suggested these for Ottilie and they were amazing as you didn’t have to worry about putting anything over the soft newborn head. The best ones we have found are from H&M conscious range but there is also a petit bateau one in there which may even be from me as a baby?

When I was about to be wheeled for surgery with Ottilie the midwife said to me ‘don’t forget the hat’ so I just grabbed the prettiest hat I had packed. This turned out to be the wrong way to choose hats for newborns. The hat was HUGE on her… literally bigger than her body somehow. The nurses kindly leant me a hat for her whilst in recovery as there was no way she could wear the one I had chosen. This time I have been a lot pickier with my hat choices. I have chosen a variety of newborn sizes in the hope at least a couple fit.

I packed a cardigan, admittedly I don’t remember if this is something I will even need. However the babies great grandmother knitted it for him so I think il bring it just in case. Its super soft and a nice weight so if I do feel he is a bit cold I can put it on him.

Muslins are a newborn saviour. I am sure I wont need 5 of them but they are so easy to pack and can be used for literally anything. From swaddling baby, a blanket and of course most important mopping up all sorts. Most of these muslins are from Ottilie still. Investing in slightly more expensive ones definitely pays off. They wash a lot better and stay a lot softer.

We got a lovely baby blanket from Jojo Maman Bebe and a comforter for him. Ottilie didn’t like her comforter for a good few months. I do love the idea of them having something from birth though!

Last a snugly bear jacket in the Cath Kidstone sale. Its perfect for him to wear to come home in. Ottilie had an almost identical one from the Little White Company which kept her nice and warm. They are so nice and soft for the newborns.

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Packing the bag


In the side section of the bag is a large zipped compartment. In this I have placed all 5 outfits, sleep suit, vest and hat together. I have put them in “outfits” ready for Charlie to just take out. This is definitely my controlling side coming out, not that I don’t trust Charlie to pick a nice outfit. But I figure this way its clear what goes with what and its all together. We have stuck with grey and white for all the outfits. I just love babies in simple colours when they are newborn.

On the other side of the bag is 2 net compartments and the main compartment. I have put a pack of aldi newborn nappies in one side. A clear bag with water wipes and Weleda baby cream on the other. I have also placed his blanket and comforter in the main section for easy access.  On the opposite site is the babies going home jacket and Muslins. I would say this particular bag is perfectly sized with all its compartments. Meaning you can keep everything super organised and easy to find.


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 I am sure, as always I will have missed something. But so long as the baby has nappies, wipes, clothes and hats Im sure we will be just fine.

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  • Lifesaving article! I have read hundreds of articles on the hospital bag and all the information was so overwhelming. luckily your article is so right to the point! Do you have an article listing all the things a newborn baby would need at home?

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