Second Trimester

Second Trimester

Hows it going in there baby?


My entire second trimester I have been “meaning” to sit down and do a week by week blog. I wanted to write down how each week made me feel. Document it and be able to look back at it. However like most things in my life I always have the best intentions. But rarely am I able to pull it off.

Goodbye Second Trimester

Here I am sitting 1 day left in my second trimester and feeling (probably hormonally) very emotional about it. I feel like it’s all suddenly going very quickly and actually the easiest trimester in my opinion is now hours away from being over. I’m not expecting it all to go downhill and double in size overnight. But I do remember quite vividly how long and tiring the last trimester can be.

I have absolutely nothing ready, all we currently have is an empty white room where we seem to store the washing basket and a bin (?!) I thought I was being uncharacteristically unorganised but maybe I am subconsciously doing nothing as preparing means the baby is coming. And the baby coming means A) a whole ton of changes, even LESS sleep and all the other glamour that comes with a newborn. And B) the chance that this could be my last pregnancy and it’s getting closer and closer to being over. Don’t get me wrong I am not one of those women who adores pregnancy, I do enjoy it. I enjoy the kicks, the responsibility of it and the idea I am single-handedly growing a human. All of that is a wonderful feeling. But I also know that it is tiring, a big change to your body and means lots of hormones going through your body, one minute you adore life and the next you’re wondering if its acceptable to strangle your partner for their volume of snoring…

However, that being said, if this was to be my last pregnancy I know I would feel like I hadn’t quite “embraced” it as much as I could have. But there will always be the should have, would haves.

The main thing I tried to do this pregnancy is say YES to things more

With Ottilie I was very much an overwhelmed first time pregnant lady sticking to the book and staying very much within my comfort zone. During my second trimester I decided to try pregnancy yoga.  I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who wanted something relaxing and mildly active during their pregnancy. Having never done any type of yoga before I was surprised how much I enjoyed all the breathing stuff. I lasted 7/12 sessions which exceeded my expectations. I would have carried on and seen it through. But a lady joined during the 5th session and her constant opinions on everyone else’s pregnancy and symptoms started to grind me down.

I realised I was dreading the class as I couldn’t bear the thought of hearing her scare the firs time Mums about her previous negative pregnancy and birthing experiences. Deciding it was no longer relaxing for me I stopped. I have left it open to go back in the New Year if I fancy it. I calculate she will have had her baby by then so the coast will be clear!


Second trimester highlights 

  1. Feeling your kicks, flips, twists and turns 
  2. Learning you are a little boy
  3. Watching my body change from “she’s eaten too much” to “oh she’s pregnant” 
  4. Telling our friends and family about you 
  5. Finding some names which we love & hearing your sister try to pronounce them. Heart-melting. 

Notes to myself for the third trimester 

  • It doesn’t matter that your clothes are rapidly starting get smaller and smaller. It’s not your washing machine or dryer playing up. You are growing a human and its normal to have a giant tummy.
  • Feeling guilty for Ottilie is pointless – she will adore her baby brother in no time. Make the most of time with just you and her, but remember she will be fine.
  • Enjoy the quiet moments, they are hard enough to grab with 1 child, they will be even harder to grab with 2.
  • Get the big jobs out the way, build the cot, put his clothes away and pack the bags early. The last few weeks you can faff and faff some more but the bigger you are the harder it is to do these things.
  • Keep active, just because you’re getting bigger and more breathless don’t stop walking places or being lazy. You will feel better for it.
  • Add some nappies and wipes to each of your food orders, you will need all you can get.
  • Accept the help offered and enjoy every kick.





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