First Trimester recommendations

First Trimester recommendations

I always find it frustrating that the 1st trimester chucks a shed load of hormones, weight gain, sickness and cravings at you when you have to pretend you aren’t event pregnant.

Im sure it will be the same this time round – as with Ottilie I found I had the most symptoms of pregnancy in the 1st trimester when I didn’t even look pregnant. I can totally see why partners must think we are the most dramatic creatures as we have no outward sign of carrying a baby yet in ourselves we feel like S***.

As with Ottilie I have felt like being sick for most part of the 1st trimester but haven’t actually been sick. I have been incredibly exhausted and often find myself falling asleep sitting at my desk, at lunch or even standing up waiting for Ottilie to get over the fact she isn’t allowed to ride her scooter off the kitchen table.


Below I have listed some of my saviours and tips to survive and enjoy as best you can the First Trimester


Folic acid supplement/Pre natal vitamins

I decided to go for a multi vitamin for Pre natal care which includes the recommended dose of folic acid among others such as magnesium and iron. Usually I am rubbish with vitamins anyway so I thought it would be a good way to ensure I got everything I needed! I did forget on a few days to take this, don’t worry too much as some foods contain it anyway. Its always best to try and eat the right foods and take the supplements. There are loads of options on the market and often you will get a nice months supply of them in your first bounty pack. With Ottilie I used solely folic acid however I did feel a benefit to taking a multi vitamin this time round.


Baby App(s)  

I downloaded 4 apps for help on ‘what to expect’ I still find none of them do exactly what I want. Hence why I downloaded so many of them! As well as this I also have the Pregnany+ app,  the Bounty pregnancy app, the baby bump Pro app and the baby centre app. I would say I find the baby centre one the most useful of them all. I like the baby centre app because it gives very straightforward daily and weekly info on you and your babies development. It is very user friendly and allows you to share the content with your friends/family/other halves. I often find I forget to update Charlie so I just share the daily articles with him and it keeps him involved and informed.  Any other suggestions for good baby expecting apps please send them my way!



Body and Face Moisturiser

  My skin is always horrific in the 1st trimester. I got so many spots with both pregnancies. This time I used the Mama Mio tummy rub butter for my body and the Clinique moisture surge for my face. Both have a really nice non offensive smell, because lets be honest pregnancy makes you smell EVERYTHING. And their texture is nice and not sticky like some moisturisers. I tend to slather my bump in the mama mio each night before I go to bed – it helps to prevent the itchy pregnancy belly the next day.



Give in to the cravings

 Someone gave me this advice in my first pregnancy and it was the best advice. I am not suggesting you throw all nutrition out the window and binge on junk food. If you find a food however that makes you feel better, for me this time it was cheese, then don’t hold back from eating it. Anything to make yourself feel more human in the first few months is worth it. I tried to maintain a better diet this time than I did last time. I don’t want to gain as much as I did first time round. Plus I am hoping it will give me the extra energy needed to look after a toddler while being pregnant. I do however allow myself to eat what my body is looking for. More recently it has been grape fruits which I find really help with my metabolism and energy levels too. I tend to juice 1-2 a day and drink them before a meal.


New clothes

During my first pregnancy I was a bit hesitant to spend money on maternity clothes. In hindsight I regret it as 9 months wearing the same outfits can take its toll on your confidence. This time I decided to “invest” in some staples. I love the h&m black maternity skinnys and New Look do all their usual fits in maternity versions which is good! I also adore the Beyond nine jumpsuits, I feel these will come into their own during the final weeks of pregnancy and first few weeks post pregnancy.  Boohoo also do some nice bits and I managed to get some good Maternity t’s in the sale which are perfect for pregnancy! I also bought a couple of pairs of the h&m Maternity tights which have been brilliant for putting under my dresses at work. Once my bump started to grow I was forever yanking my tights back up. These maternity tights hold your bump in a nice position and give you the support needed. Well worth the £8.99!


I mentioned above how I always get spotty during the first trimester. This time I decided to take action. I went and had my make up and eyebrows done by the lovely girls at Benefit.  The lady gave me a simple look that I could easy replicate day to day. I treated myself to the products they used and It has made a big difference in making me feel better about myself. This really important whilst my body is adjusting to the changes. A facial, manicure and/or pedicure is also a lovely way to treat yourself and your body.



Water bottle

With both pregnancies I have found myself a lot thirstier than usual. Apparently pregnancy can dehydrate you so this is totally normal! As with taking vitamins I am also a bit rubbish at drinking water. I remember it making me feel much better with Ottilie. So I decided to get myself a good water bottle to keep with me. We tend to also buy the multi packs of Aldi water and keep some in the fridge. I found cold water really eased the nausea in the early weeks. The best water bottle I found was the Tracker bottle from Matalan. It has times on it so you can see how much you have drunk per couple of hours.


Early nights & Daytime naps! 

During my first pregnancy I had the luxury of being able to sleep more or less when I needed to. This time I have tried to nap in the daytime with Ottilie on the days I don’t work. Some days I really feel like I need it and others I am ok. During the first few weeks I felt nauseas in the evenings so would go to bed with a mint tea. I found this worked the best to try and easy the sickness. Whether it be your first, second or 10th pregnancy I think it is really important to nap or take an hours quiet time in your day.



Having just come out of the 2nd experience of the 1st Trimester I still feel it is the hardest time during pregnancy. This is why I feel its so important to be prepared and allow yourself some treats and pampering. It is a huge mix of emotions as you have managed to succeed in the start of creating that little bundle you have been dreaming about. But at the same time its ok to feel like complaining *constantly* and feeling rubbish. For me I am fortunate that it does get easier in the 2nd Trimester but I know for many women this isn’t the case and the symptoms can go on for longer.

Remember you are growing a little miracle and you need to take time out for yourself and for them.



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