Whats in our Keep Em Quiet Bag…

Whats in our Keep Em Quiet Bag…

THE ultimate travel pack for kids…


I love finding new products, especially ones for Ottilie. I find Instagram to be the best place for sourcing these with honest reviews from other parents using them.  Through Instagram I have seen lots of fellow parents rave about these Keep Em Quiet bags so I decided to order one in time for our MID haul holiday to Fuerteventura. There are different options to choose from depending on age and gender which is great.

I decided to go for the long Trip: For Girls Age 2 Years+ As I thought the more the better, anything she doesn’t play with or need on the plane we can just use around the resort and when out and about on holiday. Although Ottilie is only 18months I felt she would be fine with the 2+ pack as anything I felt wasn’t appropriate I could take out (there wasn’t anything she couldn’t have or play with under supervision)



I was pleasantly surprised by how much was in the bag and pleased with the variation. The bag itself is also great for keeping the contents and more in. If I was to be picky id quite like the keep em quiet bags to come in different colours, I know id have definitely liked it in pink or black.

Whats in the bag?



 I am quite fussy with what Ottilie eats so don’t tend to go for the kids meal boxes when we are out. However the snacks included in the keep em quiet are a perfect balance of healthy but still a treat for the little ones. Somehow Keep em quiet managed to get all 4 of her regular faves in our pack!


Flash cards

We had a quick go with these cards so I could see if they were worth taking and she loves them! Such cute pictures and a good idea for her to practice all her new words! I find her attention span quite short at the moment so having lots of different cards is good to keep her entertained! These will be used long after our holiday too!



In her pack Ottilie got a sticker book and some stickers on their own. These are perfect for her age as she enjoys spending time sticking them all over herself/furniture! I think we will keep 1 pack back for the return flight to keep her busy on the way home too!


Beauty set

Madam loves anything sparkly and pink so this is her to a T! She loves make up and jewellery. So I think this might be the hit of the entire bag for her! I like the idea of bits she can take out in the evenings when we go to restaurants for her to faff with.



.I was really pleased to find puzzles in the bag. We love doing them and she’s starting to grasp the idea. These 2 are both lovely and will hopefully keep her busy for a few minutes! I always bring big sandwich bags with us so we can store the little puzzle pieces in them to not lose them! (Geek Mama)

Books and colouring books

Mr Wrinkles is such a sweet book and not one we have seen before! When we did our last long haul flight it was the 1 item we forgot to pack. During the quiet times on the plane it would have been perfect to read to her. This will definitely be good not only for the plane but for bedtime each evening too.

Ottilie is just starting to get into colouring AND she loves Pepper Pig so the colouring set will be a hit!



bubbles and a my little pony. Ottilie, like most kids, is obsessed with bubbles. We are forever stocking up on little bubble bottle for when we are out. The bubble bottwill be lovely for holiday! Anyone who follows our instagram will know we love ours ponies.  Otttilie now has her very own to take on her adventures with her.


All in all I am incredibly happy with our bag and the contents. It is such a good balance of toys, games and books to keep the little ones entertained. We are quite strict on Ottilies screen time. We make a conscious effort to not encourage it to keep her entertained. The idea of having a pre packed bag with a variety of entertainement that doesn’t involve screen time is a sure winner for us!

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