Ticking off Jobs you have already done…

Ticking off Jobs you have already done…

I am a list addict. I write lists about lists. 

The reason I am a list addict is because I am a control freak. I get a hit off productivity and hate the idea of being unorganised.  Usually I update my calendar the minute there is a hint of a new plan. And I have been know to also colour code it just to be more organised then a calendar already is. Its my way of staying ‘in control’ in my sometimes hectic life.

This does have its downsides as It puts a hell of lot of pressure on to do everything on time and get everything right.

Utilise your lists

Lists make the days seem more manageable. When a day looks like it is going to be beyond stressful and frankly overwhelming often writing the day down can help reduce the anxiety of it. I tend to put a rough timescale in order to fully understand the priority of what needs doing and when. I can create monsters out of simple tasks and in my head make it something so major when in reality it may only take 5 minutes.

A simple job like going to the post office can make me unnecessarily rearrange a day as before I have written it down can seem like a huge task in my head.

The best and worst part about my crazy organised chaos is that often I overreact about a ‘task’ and the time it will take to do it. I am usually either too early for said task or have done all my jobs by lunchtime. This means that I am then faced with a free afternoon. I am not complaining about said free afternoon – don’t get me wrong I love time to do nothing with BUT when you have a toddler that could do with letting of her last bit of steam. A free afternoon can seem pretty long.

Sometimes you just have to write a list of shit you already got done 

There are also plenty of days where I have too much to do. On those day I tend to do none of the jobs I need to (productive I know!) Instead I boost myself a bit with a tad of false productivity. I do this by simply writing a list about things I have already done. I write down the tasks that are in everyday life but we often just take for granted as achievements as we are so tuned in to doing them.

Get dressed – TICK

Shower – TICK

Eat breakfast – TICK

Feed child – TICK

See you were so productive without even realising it! I know it looks stupid but it really does work. Our lives as Mums are so chaotic at times and it can become incredibly overwhelming. Add work and socialising into our mad mix and its beyond overwhelming. I used to have a tendency to say yes to far too much – my lists did highlight this too. I now know my limit (slightly) better and often only book in work/groups/friends etc when I know it is doable. The thought of being late is sometime I get fidgety about. Therefore I avoid this at all costs – usually by being crazy early to things and having to entertain myself and Ottilie with random crap in the car…

Hope this helps some of you – if not it certainly helped me ♥




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