Pregnancy Portrait

Pregnancy Portrait

B L O O M I N G   I L L U S T R A T I O N S

Instagram is such a wonderful place to find small businesses selling products you would never usually find. I was recently followed by a lovely lady called Becca who runs a small business selling pregnancy portraits.

I loved my pregnancy with Ottilie. Other than a bout of chicken pox at 18 weeks it all went pretty well. However I didn’t always love the changes to my body and wasn’t overly keen on my new found cankles. In hindsight I should have just embraced it all – but it meant I didn’t have many photos of myself – something I regret.

My one saviour was my sister who got married when I was 6 months pregnant. It meant I had some professional photos of myself looking as nice as I could given the circumstances. These were perfect for Becca to use to create a pregnancy portrait.

This is one of the Photos I sent to Becca to use as a base for the portrait.

A n  u p d a t e   f r o m   B e c c a  

I love this version of the painting. Becca got my dress absolutely spot on. It was a lucky find from ASOS maternity bridesmaid section. It was the same colour and style as the other bridesmaids just the maternity version.

T h e  F i n i s h e d  P r o d u c t 

 I love having this beautiful painting to represent my pregnancy with Ottilie.

Bluebelle was the bumps name throughout the pregnancy and I wasn’t quite brave enough to use it as her first name. Instead it became her middle name. I love the use of bluebells in the bouquet and the flower garland above.

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