Easter Toddler Craft

Easter Toddler Craft

Simple Idea to keep you and your toddler busy this Easter 

I recently went to Wilko to buy pick and mix (true story, its the best!!) and thought I would have a little look around their craft section. I wanted to do a bit of toddler easter craft after some serious pint rest envy

As Ottilie gets older, I find it easier to do little craft bits with her.  In all honesty she doesn’t have the patience to sit down very long. I find using our crayons and doing some drawing usually ends up with me stressing that she has drawn all over the table.

This meant that I hadn’t done much painting with her thinking it would be harder. I remember my Mum doing lots with me as a child so the Mum guilt kicked in and I decided to give it a go.


Wilko Shopping List

I bought the washable kids paints, glitter pens and loose glitter, Easter bunny decorations and some polystyrene easter eggs.

I was amazed by how affordable everything was and the selection available. They had some really good little craft boxes, paper and fingers paints which I have my eye on too.



Get your craft bits. The total cost of our decorations came to under £10 which was amazing. Plus the paints and glitter pack have so much in them they will last us months.



Paint your eggs yellow ( or a colour of your choosing) . I let Ottilie paint the eggs while I rotated it. She seemed to enjoy doing this much more than I expected. I found the eggs to be really good quality for the price and very easy to decorate as they come in 2 halves which just slot together.



Decorate your eggs with the accessories. We decided to paint some zig zags round the egg and stick a couple of bows on. I just used the paint as the glue for the bows. It worked a treat and no glue needed! Tip – use a hairdryer to dry the accessories in place and ensure they dry quickly without falling off!


Once all the decorations were dry we dipped Ottilie’s hand in the paint and put her handprint on the eggs. The result was much nicer than I expected – hence why I have decided to share with you all.

I was so impressed by the paints – they wiped off all the surfaces (including Ottilie) with just water. It makes the whole process much more enjoyable when you know that they are easy to clean off.

Perfect little gift for the family over Easter

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