My top gift ideas for Mothers Day… (hint hint)

My top gift ideas for Mothers Day… (hint hint)

We would love to say “Every day is Mothers day” But it really isn’t…

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I used to think my Mum moaned about how much she did and exaggerated for effect but now that I am a Mother I am well and truly eating my words! It is a hard job with little room for error. I often find myself going through my day and only really coming up for air at the end.

Therefore Mothers Day is to be truly taken by the horns and enjoyed and milked for all its worth!

I am sure most of us will have a lie in and breakfast in bed on the top of our lists this year  – neither of which are guaranteed or likely! So instead I have done a list of all my current LUSTS as Mothers Day seems a good excuse as any to ask for bits we LOVE.

We deserve it after all!♥

Here are just a few things on my list this year!

Gurgle Magazine subscriptiom

12 issues from £19.99

Love this magazine! Such a good mix of useful information and pages of toddler and baby stuff you suddenly decide you NEED. Buy it monthly and think the subscription price is incredible. A sure winner ♥


Its not secret I adore this brand. I wear my ‘winging motherhood’ slouchy sweatshirt to death and it is still as soft and lovely as the day I got it. This brand represents (and says) everything we really feel as Mothers. It takes ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ to a whole new level. ♥

‘Superhero Mum’ Mug

Just Perfect for that first crucial coffee or tea of the day to make you human ♥

Gin & On It – Hand Stamped Gin Stirrer Swizzle Stick Spoon


Who doesn’t need a gin stirrer swizzle stick?! especially with Summer just round the corner. These beauties are too good to miss! ♥


£65.00 GBP

Adore these le specs sunglasses. Such a cool shape.. and of course leopard so can’t go wrong!! An essential Mum accessory to hide those ever growing eye bags♥


Ottilie got the leopard backpack for Valentines day and I adore the matching weekend bag. We are big fans of short breaks so think It would be ideal! Cannot resist Leopard or this amazing company for making ‘mum stuff’ trendier than non mum stuff! ♥



I am yet to feel the incredible comfort that everyone is talking about – these air and grace trainers have been given some incredible reviews. To be honest I would wear them even if they were the worst – cannot resist anything a bit animal!! ♥


Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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