Finding the cool mums club…

Finding the cool mums club…

Leaving the ‘Fun’ Life behind… 

When I decided I was ready to become a Mum it was a big decision.

I knew I wanted children young and I knew I was more than ready to bring a little bundle into the world.

However being only 20 I knew I was leaving my friends behind in a cool club. One where going out for drinks on a weekday is totally fine because.. well why not. There is no one waiting at home for you to tuck them into bed. Most of my friends couldn’t understand why I would want kids and to settle down so young. They were miles away from that stage in their life – some still even studying at university.

My mum had me when she was 42 and although this hasn’t ever impacted me. We are as close as any other mum and daughter, it did make me want to start that journey sooner. My middle sister had her first in her mid 20’s and shortly after we moved to the same area, just roads apart. This was a big factor in my decision to settle young as I wanted the cousins to be close in age and be part of that motherhood journey together.

 Entering the mums club 

I was lucky enough to have 2 close friends due within weeks of me, this made the whole idea of settling and being pregnant a lot easier and eased the idea of ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out). It made my decision more normal to myself and theirs to them.

While pregnant I used all the usual mum websites such as Net mums, but soon decided to ban myself from looking at them. They were full of judgmental parents taking each other down for simples questions.

Instead I stuck to my usual Instagram addiction and stumbled across a couple of “cool Mums’.  They completely changed my perceptions of what ‘motherhood’ meant. Suddenly there was a much cooler ‘club’ than the one I had left behind.

The stalking began…

These women were super heroes in my eyes. Still having tons of fun, going out, working and totally smashing motherhood! It was the first time I saw women truly empowering each other rather than bringing them down. I knew it was a club I wanted to be part of and decided to set up Ottilie&Mama.

A few weeks ago when “International Women’s Day” happened my Instagram feed was full of fellow mothers sharing messages of love and support to each other. I always find it incredible how many have set up business on this platform. I for one enjoy shopping for me and little Miss using Instagram and supporting as many small businesses as possible.

A lot of negativity surrounds Social media, usually due to the 1 person who feels the need to act negatively. This does exist on Instagram and sometimes I will scroll through and see a comment which is totally unjust on another feed. However, In the grand scheme of what I see these people really are the rare ones. The norm being lots of lovely comments, well wishes and questions about each others lives and children.

 Just because, they actually care.


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