March H&M Steals

March H&M Steals


Little H&M Kids Haul


I fortunately (or un  fortunately for my bank account) live 2 minutes walk from a H&M. Since Having Ottilie I have always loved shopping there as I think their kids clothes are gorgeous and very affordable!

Today we popped into town to see what they had – we needed some long sleeved vests and Pjs – we ended up buying much more.. as always!! There was a sale on.. isn’t there always?! (not that I am complaining) so we managed to get some unexpected bargains.

*Note – we are having a bit of a Minnie Mouse obsessive face (Mum not daughter) which H&M only encouraged today!

Socks (pictured above) are by far the best I have found for toddlers. They are £2.99 for 3 pairs. They have a grippy bottom to stop them slipping and a nice thick band around the ankle to keep them up.

I also managed to get the 3 for 2* deal which meant we got the 2 vests (below) free!!

2 Vests for £7.99


2 long sleeved PJs £12.99 (Minnie Mouse!!!)

Beautiful light blue thin jersey top – £3 from £5.99

Can’t wait for the weather to warm up so she can wear this. Think I will pair it with some light grey leggings and dungarees


Dark blue appliqué detail long sleeved vest £4 from £6.99


Minnie Mouse dress £5 from £9.99 (more minnie mouse!!)

My favourite purchase!!

Floral vest £3.99


Hope you enjoyed looking through todays purchases



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