Im never selling a house again…

Im never selling a house again…

House selling and why its the most stressful thing to do … especially with a toddler.

3 Years ago I bought a house.. well not really a house more of a cottage.

I viewed a few – decided I was being far too picky for my budget and fell in love with a small character cottage. It was sweet and oozed character (note – this actually means semi falling apart in non estate agent terms) I gutted the whole thing and started from scratch.. With the help of some seriously patient builders.

Fastforward 3 years…

and the time has now come to sell my little less characterful cottage and find a solid family home that has more than one downstairs “open plan” space for Ottilie to trash.

The buying process was relatively easy. I viewed, had a survey which I ignored most of and paid a solicitor to do the rest.

 Now I come to sell this cottage I am quickly falling out of love with I am faced with a much more stressful task…
  1. Getting the house tidy, clean and presentable enough for the photos to be done was painful. I shipped Ottilie off and shipped in my mum to help scrub, polish and hide every blemish.
  2. Maintaining this level of lies for the viewings was even harder – why estate agents manage to choose the most awkward times for viewings il never know. “Yes 7pm when toddler has just nodded off is perfect timing” NO – please note.. moving out for the few days/weeks of viewings is much less stressful!
  3. Not taking offence to the almost always harsh feedback… a couple of my favourites.
    "It would take too much work to make it livable" - thanks, so glad I re fitted every room, floor and ceiling!! 
     "Not enough built in storage" - can definitely see how this is a unfixable issue on the house!
  4. Not getting your hopes up when that offer comes in.. The cottage in question has been sold twice in 3 months… It has now sold for a 3rd time.. Il believe it when I see it  !!
  5. Do not fall in love with any properties until yours has sold or almost sold. I have had two breakups with my ‘dream ish homes’ since I put mine on. For now I am 100% cold turkey on house hunting until I hand my keys over. (Yes.. I do realise this will make me homeless for a bit)

Right now I can’t imagine ever going through this stress again. I have pure admiration for those who move countless times in their lives. Maybe Il look back and go “That wasn’t so bad” .. a bit like childbirth – but for now I am more intent on binge watching Grand designs and searching for that ideal plot of land that doesn’ t exist round here to put my ‘forever home’ on and in turn meaning il never have to move again!

Please all cross your fingers and toes that it really is 3rd time lucky for us and this time the cottage really does sell….


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